Ahh…that first post

The image pretty much sums up what I had in front of me after hours of sitting in front of my laptop, supposedly working on my first post. It is funny to think, that when I am finally ready to publish my first post, I actually run up a blank wall.

After years of waiting to set up my very first corner in cyberspace, which I hope will be the start of more to come. After months of spending time researching and then building up the site to my satisfaction, which I strongly believe can be improved on further. After weeks of thinking about the topics that I will write about, which interestingly was done unconsciously while doing everything else except actually thinking of what to write about. After days of delaying on getting started on my first post, which I thought was just a matter of sitting down and actually typing out what was on my mind. After all that, I would have thought that it would be just a matter of minutes before the first post would be ready. Boy oh boy, how wrong was I.

I suppose this is normal and will attribute it to the feeling of being overwhelmed with the excitement, of actually publishing the first post. Though, I do wonder if the great writers of past and present started off being stuck at the beginning. For the benefit of my confidence, I will allow myself the believe that indeed great writers of the past and present started off being stuck at the beginning and more importantly, ended up writing tomes of stories that were well accepted.

Now that I am almost at the end of my first post, I am certain that I can look forward to many more posts to come. Besides, while working on this post, I already have some ideas on what I would like to write about next. This time around, I have done myself the favour of noting my thoughts down so that I would not be stuck when I am actually ready to put down those thoughts into words. After all that, I would not want to spend hours trying to get started on my second and subsequent posts, would I?