Happy Wesak Day

In conjunction with Wesak Day celebrations which falls today, (the 10th of May 2017), I would like to wish all my beloved followers of this blog, who are Buddhists, a very Happy Wesak Day. If I understand it correctly, Wesak Day is observed on a full moon day, that falls in the month of May. It is observed as the day that Gautama Buddha was born on, attained enlightenment and then passed away[1].

As to my non-Buddhist fellow Malaysians (and others who live in a country that observes Wesak Day as a Public Holiday), let us enjoy something that we Malaysians have in common, regardless of our race or religion. Let us all enjoy a well deserved Public Holiday. As it is, this happens to be the last Public Holiday to be observed nationwide in May, until we celebrate Hari Raya Puasa some time in June. So, have a good break with your loved ones on this holiday and return fresh as well as reinvigorated to work the next day.

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