Hello there and welcome to Dua Senku. “Dua Senku” is a literal translation of “My Two Cents“, in Bahasa Malaysia. Ever since we started accessing blogs in the early ’00s, we always wanted to make our presence felt. However, over the years, many other things were deemed to be of higher priority and this was kept on the back burner until now. We have finally arrived. Dua Senku is our little corner in cyberspace where we will share “my two cents worth” with fellow citizens of the net.

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Great friends and wonderful memories

17th of May 1998, is a date etched in my memory, for life. It happens to be the day I stepped foot in the hallowed grounds of University of Malaya. On that day, I started off on a journey of three years, marking a colourful new chapter in my life. It brought me the qualification …

About Us

Dua Senku is brought to you by individuals who happen to have thoughts on pretty much everything and anything that is worth thinking about. Posting our thoughts, on topics that matters to us or on request by those that matter to us, is our way of sharing them with everybody who may have an interest in it. This way, citizens of the net can read our “two cents worth” as and when they want, rather than having to bear with our thoughts as and when they occur, which by the way can be pretty often.

The primary person behind Dua Senku is an individual who enjoys thinking a lot and sharing them with anybody who is willing to spare an ear (as well as time of course). He believes in continuous learning and helping others become successful in their own life. He is currently a stay-at-home-dad-cum-entrepreneur dabbling in the areas of consultancy, training, coaching and blogging (with this being his first blog). Until some time in 2016, he was managing teams of software engineers, having started of as a software developer himself back in 2001. He looks forward to sharing his thoughts and experiences via this blog, hoping to inspire others to achieve their potential and beyond, in their own life. He will post as Admin.

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